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Chuck and his wife Nanette holding a matched set of 1920's Santa Clara foxes effigy candle holders.
Welcome to PuebloTreasures.com. What you will see in browsing through this website are thousands of pottery pieces produced by Native Americans. The purpose of this website is to help you understand the incredibly wonderful spectrum of ceramics created by the native peoples of the Americas during the past 2,500 years. What you will see contained in the various sections of this website are pottery pieces made before, and after, the arrival of Columbus, and even many wonderful ceramic items created during just the past few years.

I created this website because, when I first began collecting, I found that there was a dismaying dearth of information about many of the types of Native American pottery that interested me the most. Several excellent new reference works have been published in recent years covering some specific areas of collecting (Tesuque Rain Gods and Mojave Pottery, for example), but even those new books are naturally limited in scope by the restrictions of the print medium. With the establishment of this website, I now have the ability to share with you thousands upon thousands of images of individual pieces of Native American ceramic original art. I am also hoping to be able to gradually compile a massive database of creator information and historical background data on native ceramics production in the various parts of the Americas. I hope you will find the visual and print information contained in this website to be both educational and enjoyable.

For the time being, all the items you will see on this website are owned by myself, Chuck Rozanski. I have been collecting Pueblo pottery since 1994, and have been avidly collecting since 1998. During that time, I have been able to acquire over 6,000 different Pueblo ceramic items, ranging from tiny miniatures, to massive ollas. The initial plan with the website will be to only take photographs of all the pots (each item from several different angles), and to make those photographs available for you in a comprehensive search program. That search program already exists, but is currently limited to just a few fields: pueblo, form, creator, and a couple more. Later on, however, as time permits, you will be able to also read detailed descriptions for each individual item. Creating this website will be an organic process by which additional information is added continually, for an indefinite period of time. The collection itself will also be growing, with new items added on a weekly basis.

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Chuck in his office with his huge Sara Fina Tafoya

One point that I wish to make very clear right from the beginning is that I have no pottery for sale at this time. My collection has been created as a study collection, and as such it is my intent to keep all the items listed as a part of the collection indefinitely. While none of my pottery is for sale, most of the pieces shown on the website are available for viewing and/or study, by appointment, in the Mile High Comics corporate offices in Denver, Colorado. Please be aware, however, that I travel quite a bit in my full-time role of President of www.MileHighComics.com, the largest retailer of comic books in America, so any appointment to view my pottery needs to be scheduled well in advance. To schedule an appointment, please contact me at chuck@milehighcomics.com.

In addition to the website, I may also soon be starting an e-mail newsletter about Native American pottery. That newsletter would not only provide you with updated information about changes to this website, but also creator news, information about upcoming shows and auctions, and news and reviews about past events in the world of Native American pottery collecting. If you would like to sample my pottery newsletter (when I actually get around to creating it...), just send me a note at chuck@milehighcomics.com, and I'll add you to my mailing list. No newsletter exists right now, and there may not be one for quite some time. But by sending me your e-mail address now, you'll be first in line when I finally get around to sending out my first newsletter. So you know,  I always keep all e-mail addresses in complete confidence, and if you ever wish to drop the newsletter, all it takes a simple e-mail note letting me know you want off the mailing list. For what it's worth, I currently have 90,000 fans receiving my weekly comics newsletters, with over 400 voluntary opt-ins per week! My comics newsletters are so popular, at least in part, because they tend to be both informative and entertaining...

My final topic for this introduction is a request for your participation in the process of building this website. While I will be working hard to guarantee the accuracy of the information I post, I make no claims to be an all-knowing expert. If you have any information which you think I would find helpful in building the content of this website, please contact me! Working together, I know we can create a wonderful free online resource for collectors of Native American pottery that will be unequaled in the world!

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - PuebloTreasures.com
March 11, 2003

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